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Vendel Chieftain Sword with Tin Plating and Brass Accents

Vendel Chieftain Sword with Tin Plating and Brass Accents

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Step into the Rich Heritage of 8th Century Scandinavia with the Vendel Chieftain Sword:

Transport yourself to the elite warrior culture of the Vendel era with our meticulously crafted Vendel Chieftain Sword. This sword, fit for a chieftain or elite Vendel warrior, features a hilt adorned with exquisite detailing, showcasing its status as a weapon of distinction.

Key Features:

  • Historical Authenticity: Our Vendel Chieftain Sword faithfully recreates the elegance of the 8th-century Scandinavian era. The high carbon steel blade is robustly mounted in a tin-plated brass hilt, adorned with antiqued brass accents.

  • Tin-Plated Brilliance: Tin, prized for its silver-like appearance, embellishes the hilt, capturing the essence of the Vendel period's decorative elements.

  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: The leather-wrapped hardwood grip and scarlet enamel inlaid pyramidal pommel replicate the vibrancy of original garnet gemstones. The two-part pommel with twin rivets and stylized symbolic ring pay homage to historical accuracy.

A Glimpse into Vendel Culture:

The Vendel era of Sweden was marked by an aristocratic warrior culture that valued artistry in their weaponry. Their swords and helmets, intricate works of art, symbolized status and prestige among elite warriors.

An Afterlife Voyage in Riches:

Many Vendel warriors were interred in burial mounds, accompanied by their wargear and other treasures. Some chieftains were even buried in boats, carrying their wealth, weaponry, luxury items, and sacrificial animals for the journey to the afterlife.

Honoring Exceptional Craftsmanship:

The Vendels were revered as mounted warriors of exceptional skill, and their swords and helmets showcased the pinnacle of craftsmanship of their time. Our Vendel Chieftain Sword pays homage to this rich heritage.

Order Now:

Experience the legacy of the Vendel era with the Vendel Chieftain Sword. Order now and own a piece of history that represents the artistry and prestige of these elite warriors.

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