Where Our Saga Began

Where Our Saga Began

Viking Family

From Humble Beginnings

Jason and Joshua grew up beside a small pond in a quiet countryside, where the sounds of chirping crickets, peepers, croaking frogs, and the distant calls of geese provided the backdrop to their childhood. With beach towels as cloaks, their imaginations wove tales of heroic warriors and loud medieval battles into the otherwise tranquil backdrop, for all of the neighbors to hear. Their mighty swords were sticks or wiffle ball bats. The yard around the house became a battlefield and the woods outback became distant lands with endless adventures and mythical battles. As they grew, these fantasies laid the foundation for an ambition they never anticipated.

Family at the Heart

The bond between Jason, fondly known as "J" by his close friends, and Joshua has been the driving force behind every venture they've embarked upon. Their shared dreams have always revolved around their love for family. J, blessed with three children and a two-year-old grandson, and Joshua, also a father to three, wanted to create a legacy, an enterprise inspired by the spirit of the Vikings that offered a sense of connection, freedom, and wonderment for their families.

The Birth of the Traveling Viking Trading Post

Inspired by their shared heritage and childhood dreams, the brothers built a Traveling Viking Trading Post named Skjaldborg Artisans. Their nomadic adventures take them journeying up and down the eastern coast of the United States with authentic Norse artifacts along with whimsical Viking-inspired items. It's a venture born from passion and the desire to provide good lives for their families.

Crafting a Legacy, Together

Skjaldborg Artisans is more than a mere marketplace; it's an extension of their family. Their children, enthusiastic and equally captivated by Norse lore, dragons, and epic adventures, have become an integral part of this venture. They contribute with support and hard work and take part in age-old crafts, learning and perpetuating the Norse traditions passed down from their fathers.

Every crafted shield, every woven garment, every accessory resonates with the essence of the Norse, and the essence of Jason and Joshua's shared dream. As Skjaldborg Artisans continues its journey, it not only strengthens the bond within their family but also spreads the values, skills, and rich cultural heritage they cherish deeply.

Whenever you hear the distinctive horns announcing our Traveling Viking Trading Post's arrival, know it heralds more than just commerce—it celebrates family, legacy, and the indomitable spirit of the Vikings. We invite you to come and partake in our tale, a journey of dreams, determination, and shared heritage.

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