Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

A Historical and Fantastical Beginning

For J and Joshua, the inspiration for Skjaldborg Artisans stems from a rich tapestry woven from historical Norse artifacts and vibrant influences from modern iterations of Viking tales. They happily listen to tales, historical accounts, and interpretations from supporters and patrons and feel lucky to learn something new at every event. In addition to Sagas, books, and articles, the brothers also find inspiration in shows like "Vikings," "Last Kingdom," and the whimsical "Norsemen," which have vividly painted the era of Norse warriors and shield-maidens into their minds, providing them not only with entertainment but a wellspring of creativity.

From Silver Screens to Real Life Dreams

The sparks of inspiration, however, aren’t just drawn from screens portraying the sagas of the Vikings. Their very own children, enthralled by the "How to Train Your Dragon" movies and shows, expressed their admiration by wishing to be Vikings for Halloween. The crafted outfits, initially made for trick-or-treating, became a sensation when the family attended a Renaissance Faire. As J and Joshua walked the faire grounds with their children, adorned in their Viking best, they caught the attention of many, including entertainers and employees. It was here, amidst the jesters, knights, and fellow Viking enthusiasts, that they were encouraged to transform their passion into a business. Those Halloween costumes became the early prototypes for what would later evolve into meticulously crafted Viking round shields, durable armor, protective bracers, and detailed garb.

Imagining the Viking Evolution

But creating authentic Viking products isn't merely about replication for J and Joshua; it's about evolution. They often muse about how the Vikings, known for their adaptability, might have changed their tools, clothing, and styles as they traveled to new lands and encountered diverse cultures. In the same vein, the brothers innovate, adapting traditional methods and inventing their own techniques to manifest a unique Viking style.

While respecting and honoring the rich history of the Vikings, they also allow their imagination to explore uncharted waters. The results are products that embody both the authentic spirit of the Viking age and the fresh, modern interpretations of two passionate creators.

Their journey, deeply rooted in historical fascination and bolstered by the imaginative worlds of television and film, is a testament to the endless possibilities when one combines passion, creativity, and family. Through Skjaldborg Artisans, the brothers are not just selling products; they’re sharing pieces of their heart, their dreams, and their unparalleled inspiration with the world.

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