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Viking Seax

Viking Seax

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  • A Glimpse into the Dark Ages: The Viking Seax offers a captivating glimpse into the Dark Ages, representing the typical single-edged knives that were a staple throughout Europe during this era. This particular rendition, standing at an impressive 24 inches, is more than a mere knife—it's practically a short sword, a formidable companion of the time.

  • Evolution of the Sax: The Sax, or Seax, came in various sizes, with the longest ones gradually evolving into single-edged Viking swords. This Seax pays homage to that historical transition, embodying the spirit of an age when these blades were more than just weapons—they were symbols of status and power.

  • Crafted for Strength: The Seax boasts an unsharpened carbon steel blade with a full tang design. This construction ensures not only strength and durability but also authenticity, allowing you to feel the weight and presence of a weapon from the past.

  • Embracing Tradition: The hardwood grip, meticulously crafted, connects you to the traditions of the Dark Ages. It's a symbol of the artistry and craftsmanship that defined the era, providing both functionality and an authentic touch.

  • Complete with Leather Sheath: To protect and carry this historical treasure, a leather belt sheath is included. It's not just a sheath; it's an accessory that completes the ensemble, adding an element of authenticity to your collection.

Key Features:

  • Dark Ages Nostalgia: The Viking Seax harks back to the Dark Ages, representing the typical single-edged knives of the era.

  • Practically a Short Sword: Standing at 24 inches, this Seax is more than a knife—it's a formidable short sword, echoing the power of its historical counterparts.

  • Full Tang Design: The full tang carbon steel blade ensures both strength and authenticity, allowing you to connect with the past.

  • Hardwood Grip: The hardwood grip embodies the artistry and craftsmanship of the Dark Ages, adding both functionality and authenticity.

  • Authentic Leather Sheath: The leather belt sheath completes the historical ensemble, protecting your Seax and adding an authentic touch to your collection.

With the Viking Seax in hand, you're not just wielding a blade; you're holding a piece of history, a symbol of an age when these weapons were an extension of power and status. Whether for display or admiration, this Seax carries the legacy of the Dark Ages, ready to transport you back in time to an era of kings, warriors, and untamed frontiers.

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