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Skjaldborg Artisans

Viking Long Seax

Viking Long Seax

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  • Crafted for Battle and Sport: This robust Viking Seax is a testament to its unwavering durability, designed to excel in both stage combat and sport. Its construction is nothing short of formidable, featuring a thick and blunt-edged blade forged from tempered high carbon steel.

  • Blade Built to Last: The blade's thick spine isn't just for show; it's a hallmark of its enduring durability. The rounded tip ensures safety, making it ideal for combat scenarios. The cutting edge, deliberately thick and blunt, combines resilience with safety, ensuring it can withstand even the most demanding encounters.

  • Strength in Every Detail: The guard and pommel, both heat-blued steel, are not just functional but elegant in their design. The thick hardwood grip, tightly bound in a wrap of high-quality leather, offers both control and comfort. The blade is securely anchored into the hilt with a stout peen on the pommel, ensuring a solid and unyielding construction.

  • Complete with Sturdy Sheath: To protect and transport this battle-ready Seax, it comes with a sheath crafted from thick, high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. Thickly stitched leather cord construction ensures its reliability, while a pair of belt loops offer convenience for wear during combat or display.

Key Features:

  • Battle-Ready Durability: Designed for stage combat and sport, this Seax is built to withstand the rigors of battle.

  • Tempered High Carbon Steel Blade: The blade's thickness and bluntness ensure both resilience and safety, making it ideal for combat scenarios.

  • Elegant Steel Guard and Pommel: Heat-blued steel adds both functionality and elegance to the Seax's design.

  • Comfortable Grip: The hardwood grip, bound in high-quality leather, offers control and comfort during combat.

  • Stout Construction: The stout peen on the pommel securely anchors the blade, ensuring a solid and unwavering construction.

  • Sturdy Leather Sheath: The thick, high-quality vegetable-tanned leather sheath is reliable and convenient, ready to protect your Seax during battle or display.

With this robust Viking Seax in hand, you become not just a participant but a true contender in the world of combat and sport. It's more than a weapon; it's a symbol of strength, endurance, and the warrior spirit that defined the Vikings. Whether displayed or wielded, this Seax stands ready to face any challenge with unwavering confidence.

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