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Skjaldborg Artisans

Viking Dagger

Viking Dagger

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### Grand Viking Dagger for Display and Roleplay

Introducing the Grand Viking Dagger, a commanding piece designed for display and roleplaying purposes. This oversized dagger features a meticulously crafted high carbon steel blade with a blunted edge, showcasing the craftsmanship and strength of the Viking era. Its impressive size and nonfunctional design make it perfect for those looking to add a touch of historical authenticity to their collection or reenactments.

The detailed elegance of this Viking Dagger is evident in its brass guard and pommel, which enhance both its appearance and structural integrity. The finely carved and polished wooden grip adds a touch of sophistication, highlighting the skilled artistry of the time. These elements come together to create a piece that is as visually striking as it is historically resonant.

With its nearly short-sword size, the Grand Viking Dagger stands out as a formidable decorative piece. The high carbon steel blade ensures durability, while its blunted edge guarantees safety during play or exhibition. The brass guard and pommel introduce an element of elegance, and the precision-crafted wooden grip adds a final touch of refinement. Embrace the legacy of the Vikings with this impressive dagger, a symbol of strength, elegance, and the rich history of Viking culture.


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