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Skjaldborg Artisans

Vidar Pendant

Vidar Pendant

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Introducing the captivating Silver Vidar Pendant from Skjaldborg Artisans. This stunning piece showcases the legendary Norse god Vidar fearlessly triumphing over the mighty Fenrir. Meticulously crafted with impeccable attention to detail, this pendant beautifully captures the spirit of Viking bravery.

Forged in silver, the pendant features an intricate depiction of Vidar engaged in an epic battle against Fenrir. Every line and curve in this design tells a mesmerizing tale of courage and victory, showcasing the exceptional skill of our talented artisans.

Accompanied by a 20-inch leather cord, this pendant offers a rugged and authentic touch to your Norse-inspired ensemble. The supple leather cord not only enhances the pendant's allure but also ensures a comfortable fit around your neck. Its earthy tone and natural texture perfectly complement the silver finish, creating a captivating contrast that adds depth and character to your style.

Embrace the spirit of the fearless Vikings and embody the indomitable strength of Vidar with our extraordinary Silver Vidar Pendant. Whether worn as a standalone statement piece or layered with other Viking-inspired accessories, this pendant serves as an emblem of valor and resilience. Allow it to become a focal point in your attire, igniting intrigue and admiration while honoring the rich mythology of ancient Norse legends.

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