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Triple Lobed Godfred Sword

Triple Lobed Godfred Sword

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Bask in the Glory and Comfort that only our Triple Lobed Godfred Sword can provide! Forged from the fires of ancient traditions, the Triple Lobed Godfred Sword stands tall with a formidable length of 37 inches. Its blade, meticulously crafted from high carbon steel, boasts exceptional agility and balance. Wrapped in brown leather, the handle of the Triple Lobed Godfred Sword not only offers a secure and comfortable grip but also serves as a visual testament to the attention to detail of its creation.

Key Features:

  • Tempered High carbon steel, ensuring durability and brilliance from escapade to adventure.
  • An Impressive overall length of 37 inches, sure to put any opponents to shame. 
  • Brown leather wrapped hilt for sturdy comfort and a matching brown leather wrapped sheath.
  • Characteristics of a lobed pommel and short cross guard, reminiscent of early Scandinavian sword designs 

Embrace the spirit of the Vikings and wield the Triple Lobed Godfred Sword with pride. Whether you seek to conquer new lands or simply yearn to possess a piece of Viking history, this exceptional weapon will be your steadfast companion. Let its presence inspire you to face any challenge with unwavering courage and honor, just as the Viking warriors of old did.

Product Edge Is Blunted. 

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