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Ring Seax

Ring Seax

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The Ring Seax is an essential accessory for any Viking enthusiast looking to complete their authentic look.

Crafted with a sturdy wooden handle and a steel blunted blade, this weapon is both durable and safe for cosplay purposes. The blade is lightly adorned with intricate designs, adding a touch of historical detail to the overall appearance. The steel ring at the hilt adds a touch of flair, making it the perfect accessory for any warrior costume or historical display.

The Seax, securely nestled in its leather sheath, exudes a silent strength that resonates with the warrior's very being. Whether you are a collector of historical weaponry or an adventurer seeking a reliable companion, our Ring Seax is a must-have addition to your arsenal. Embrace the spirit of the warriors of old and embark on your own epic journey with this beautifully crafted and versatile blade by your side.


For decoration purposes, Blunted Blade

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