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Skjaldborg Artisans

Reaver Axe

Reaver Axe

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  • Formidable Design: The Reaver Axe boasts a formidable design, with its blade securely dual-pinned to the axehead socket. Mounted onto a stained hardwood haft, this axe combines the strength of its construction with the practicality of its design.
  • Crafted for Battle: Designed with battle in mind, this axe is built to deliver power and precision. Its dual-pinned blade ensures a sturdy connection, while the stained hardwood haft provides a comfortable and reliable grip.
  • A Touch of Authenticity: It's not uncommon for this item to have a slight wiggle in its fitting between the axehead and wooden haft. However, this isn't a flaw; it's a testament to the authenticity of the design. This minor issue can easily be corrected by pounding an axe splint into the top of the haft. This simple action forcibly expands the wood, ensuring a tight and secure fit within the axe socket.

With the Reaver Axe in hand, you're not just wielding a formidable weapon; you're embracing a design rooted in history and authenticity. Its craftsmanship reflects the practical needs of warriors who relied on such axes in battle. Whether for display, reenactment, or practical use, this axe embodies the spirit of a time when precision and power were paramount on the battlefield.

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