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Raven of Odin Broadaxe

Raven of Odin Broadaxe

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  • Embrace the Wisdom of Odin: Unleash the wisdom and power of Odin with the Raven of Odin Broadaxe—an awe-inspiring symbol of Norse mythology and strength. With an impressive overall length of 23 inches, this axe is both a work of art and a formidable symbol.

  • A Tribute to Burnt Ash Wood: The 21-inch burnt ash wood handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, connecting you to the traditions and values of the North. It's a tribute to the warriors who revered the wisdom and strength of Odin, the Allfather.

  • Intricately Etched Axe Head: The 6.25" x 7.25" stainless steel axe head features an intricate etching of the Raven of Odin. This powerful symbol embodies the mystique and symbolism of Norse mythology, representing Odin's insight and foresight.

  • For Display and Beauty: The Raven of Odin Broadaxe is a masterpiece crafted for display and beauty. Its exquisite design and attention to detail make it a remarkable centerpiece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

  • Complete with Decorative Leather Sheath: To protect and showcase your prized possession, the Raven of Odin Broadaxe comes complete with a decorative leather sheath. This sheath not only adds authenticity but also ensures your axe is ready to grace your collection with its aesthetic splendor.

  • Not for Practical Use: Please note that while this Broadaxe is a striking work of art, it is not intended for practical use. It is purely decorative and not suitable for chopping wood or functioning as a tool. Instead, it stands as a symbol of reverence for Odin and the rich heritage of Norse mythology.

Embrace the legacy and symbolism of the Raven of Odin Broadaxe. It's not just a weapon; it's a connection to the wisdom of the past, a symbol of Norse mythology, and a reminder of the enduring allure of ancient weaponry. With this axe in your possession, you carry the strength and wisdom of Odin into your own adventures and quests, all while appreciating its decorative beauty.



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