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Langferd Sword

Langferd Sword

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The Langferd Sword is a masterpiece of beauty and power, measuring 29 inches in length and designed for display and cosplay purposes only. Its wire-wrapped handle ensures a comfortable grip for wielding with precision. The Damascus blade, with its mesmerizing pattern, hints at the mystical origin of this legendary weapon, while the double-edged blade and blood groove add a touch of elegance and functionality.

Crafted for display and cosplay safe use, the steel guard and pommel provide added strength and protection, making this sword both a work of art and a functional piece for costume or fantasy play. Encased in a luxurious leather sheath, the Langferd Sword is a prized possession for collectors, warriors, and enthusiasts alike.

The Langferd Sword is a symbolic representation of courage and determination, embodying strength, beauty, and mystery. Unleash the magic within and wield this extraordinary blade, perfect for cosplay events, LARPing, or as a stunning display piece. With its blend of ancient craftsmanship and modern design, the Langferd Sword is sure to captivate all who behold it, whether on the battlefield of a fantasy world or showcased in a collector's display.

Decor only, blunted blade
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