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Etched Viking Axe

Etched Viking Axe

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  • A Weapon of Formidable Versatility: Viking warriors wielded large axes with unparalleled versatility. In the hands of skilled fighters, these brutal weapons became agile and resourceful instruments of battle.
  • Mastering the Hook: With their wide blades forming a crook-like beard, Vikings could use their axes to catch the rim of an opponent's shield, sweep behind a foe's leg to throw them off balance, or even hook behind a foe's neck and drag them to the ground.
  • Beyond Battle: Vikings were ingenious in warfare and daily life. Historical evidence suggests these axes were used to hook onto fort walls and haul warriors up and over obstacles.
  • Embodying Norse Artistry: Heavily embellished axes, adorned with intricate swirling and knotted motifs, showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Norse. Some were even inlaid with precious metals, reflecting craftsmanship at its finest.
  • Burly and Blunted for Battle: These axes were no ordinary weapons. With burly, blunted steel heads and thick hafts, they were built to endure the most grueling battles. The axe head measured 11 mm thick near the haft and tapered to 6 mm closer to the edge.

With this Viking axe in hand, you're not just wielding a weapon; you're embracing the spirit of the Vikings, their artistry, and their unmatched versatility in both warfare and daily life. Whether for display, reenactment, or admiration, this axe is a tangible connection to an era of warriors who mastered the art of war and survival with equal finesse.

 Product Edge Is Blunted.

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