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Double Small Hawk

Double Small Hawk

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  • Honoring Timeless Traditions: The word "Tomahawk" has deep historical significance, originating from the Algonquian term "tamahaac," which means "what is used in cutting." Tomahawks have a rich history as versatile cutting tools and weapons.
  • Embracing the Superiority of Steel: Over time, the superiority of steel became evident, and people eagerly adopted steel head tomahawks due to their exceptional durability and cutting efficiency.
  • A Revolutionary Tool: Tomahawks held such importance that even during the Revolutionary era, militiamen were required to carry a tomahawk or cutting sword as part of their fighting kit, highlighting their practicality and significance.
  • A Modern Interpretation: This small, double-headed tomahawk pays homage to these timeless traditions. Forged from robust carbon steel and securely mounted onto a wooden shaft, it stands as a modern interpretation of a tool with a rich history.

With this small, double-headed tomahawk in hand, you're not just holding a blade; you're holding a symbol of innovation and resourcefulness that has transcended time. Whether displayed or wielded, this tomahawk embodies the enduring legacy of a tool that continues to captivate our imagination and remind us of its practicality and significance.

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