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Skjaldborg Artisans

Shield Blanks

Shield Blanks

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Discover the Essence of the Viking Age with Our Handmade, Battle-Capable Viking Shield Blanks, Expertly Crafted in the USA.

Drawing inspiration from authentic Viking craftsmanship, our shields capture the battle-ready functionality and appearance of those carried by ancient Norse warriors, and now you can customize your own! Every shield reflects our deep commitment to craftsmanship and attention to details that bring you a real shield reminiscent of the Viking Age and ready for your personal touch.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by History: While we utilize contemporary techniques, we take immense pride in crafting shields that mirror the visual allure of Viking shields. We use real pine planks fastened together with hand-cut wrought iron nails to bring an authentic look and feel.
  • Edges: We use real rawhide the way real Vikings did to add both strength and aesthetic depth to each shield, but you can use leather, steel, or whatever you like to customize your own shield.
  • Shield Boss: Use your own shield boss to customize your shield
  • Handle: We wrap our handles in leather, but you can use whatever you like to make it your own!

Customization and Artistry:

  • Art Meets Battle Ready: Deliberate imperfections in paint, materials, and finish help build the shield’s vintage appeal. Each shield, with its unique characteristics, stands as an individual testament to our dedication to the beauty and design while providing a fully functional, battle-ready work of art.
  • Personalization Options: We welcome custom orders and encourage you to infuse your personal touch, truly making each shield a reflection of your spirit.
  • Finish Choices: Opt for a Smooth Finish or a rugged Battle Scarred Finish, to tell your own tales of valor and adventure.
  • Size Selections: Our shields come in sizes of 20-inch, 28-inch, or 36-inch, with slight variations due to the inherent nature of the materials.

Ordering and Contact:

  • Our Shield Blanks are available to ship immediately.
  • Reach Out: For custom order discussions or any inquiries, please email us at

Your patronage fuels our passion, allowing us to provide for our families and keep the spirit of the Viking Age alive in every creation. Thank you for supporting our small, family business and our dreams for our Skjaldborg Artisans Viking Trading Post.

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