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Boarding Axe

Boarding Axe

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  • Embrace the Maritime Legacy: While the cutlass often takes the spotlight in tales of hand-to-hand boarding action during the Age of Sail, the Boarding Axe stands as an equally prominent weapon and tool aboard the naval and pirate ships of the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Authentic Craftsmanship: This meticulously recreated Boarding Axe boasts a hand-forged head crafted from high-carbon steel. It's securely mounted and triple-pinned to a hardwood haft, capturing the rugged essence of a bygone era.
  • Versatile Warrior's Tool: Boarding actions were commonplace in the Age of Sail, where ships were prized possessions for both pirates and naval seamen. These robust hand axes were essential equipment for boarding parties. Not only were they formidable weapons, but they were also indispensable for clearing fouled rigging, stays, and debris that cluttered the confined decks of naval ships during battle.
  • Breaching and Clearing: With a purpose-built thickened back spike, this axe excels at breaching and clearing obstacles. It's not just a deadly weapon; it's a tool for smashing apart barricaded doors, breaking locks, and hinges. The axe blade itself is equally lethal, capable of delivering grievous blows.
  • Aboard Ship and Beyond: Beyond combat, the Boarding Axe played a critical role in emergency situations at sea. Stricken vessels often used these axes to hack and sever their own rigging during storms, preventing capsizing. They also allowed sails and spars to be quickly released overboard in gales to stabilize the ship.
  • A Piece of History: These axes weren't confined to naval use; they found their way into civilian life, becoming a common sight in the early Americas. Voyageurs and Colonists likely wielded them, influencing the design of steel variants of the tomahawk.

Unleash the spirit of maritime adventure and exploration with our 18th and 19th Century Boarding Axe. This versatile tool and weapon are a testament to the fearless men and women of the past who conquered the high seas, one boarding action at a time.

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