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9th Century Hedeby Viking Sword

9th Century Hedeby Viking Sword

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Journey to the Heart of Viking Legend with Our 9th Century Hedeby Viking Sword:

Embark on a quest through time as you wield our meticulously recreated Viking sword, a relic born from the hallowed grounds of Hedeby (Haithabu) in Denmark. This sword, echoing the valor of ancient warriors, holds a legacy steeped in honor and power.

Key Features:

  • A Noble Relic Reborn: Crafted in homage to an original 9th-century burial find, this Viking sword emerges as a testament to a bygone era. The hilt of the original, marked by intricate etched symbols and knotwork, signified the weapon of a Danish noble, chieftain, or champion who dared to challenge the borders of the Carolingian Empire.
  • Forged in Glory: The replica's blade, forged and tempered from high carbon steel, stands as a symbol of unparalleled strength and craftsmanship.
  • Etched Symbolism: The well-cast guard and pommel, gleaming in brass, faithfully recreate the mesmerizing etched symbols that adorned the original, capturing the essence of a warrior's spirit.
  • Grip of Valor: Bound in sturdy hardwood and adorned with tightly stitched red leather, the grip of this sword exudes resilience and character.

An Epic Journey Awaits:

With the Hedeby Viking Sword in hand, you become the hero of your own epic saga. Feel the weight of history as you wield this masterpiece, a testament to the courage and nobility of a Viking champion.

The Sword of Legends:

This sword arrives with a wooden scabbard, swathed in rich red leather and adorned with meticulously detailed brass fittings. A brass hanging loop allows you to carry it proudly on your own baldric or belt.

Order Now:

Evoke the spirit of legendary Vikings with the Hedeby Viking Sword. Order now and become the hero of your own epic tale, wielding a sword steeped in the honor and heritage of ancient warriors.

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