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11th Century Viking Sword

11th Century Viking Sword

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11th Century Viking Sword

Channel the spirit of the fierce Norse warriors with our 11th Century Viking Sword. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this replica sword pays homage to the legendary weaponry of the Viking Age.

Featuring an intricately designed hilt and pommel, this sword captures the essence of Viking craftsmanship. While the blade is not functional for combat, its authentic design makes it ideal for display in your home or as a prop for theatrical productions.

Key Features:

  • Replica of an 11th-century Viking sword
  • Detailed hilt and pommel for authenticity
  • Non-functional blade, perfect for display or theatrical purposes
  • Evokes the adventurous spirit of Norse warriors
  • Ideal for history enthusiasts and collectors

Bring the mystique of the Viking Age into your life with our 11th Century Viking Sword.

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