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Look and Feel Cool in the Heat - Stop Getting Sunburned at Events with our Freya's Sun Shield Linen Garb!

We do not do well in the heat and have experienced our fair share of sun and heat related injuries. After receiving some pretty harsh punishment during our first years as traveling Viking merchants and vendors, we imagined what Vikings might have done to escape the extreme heat and direct sunlight like that which we experience at many events during the warmer months. So we created a sort of Viking Sunblock line of Viking inspired clothing that we affectionately call Freya’s Sun Shield, named with insistence by J’s 11 year old son.

During our first year as Merchants, we were placed under the unforgiving sun of an area known as the Serengeti at Pennsic War 49. There was nowhere to take refuge from the heat or sun. We experienced sunburns, sun poisoning, heat exhaustion, and leg cramps. We knew that the next year would be just as challenging and we felt the pressing need for refuge from the relentless heat. 

Two weeks before Pennsic War 50 we bought 250 yards of lightweight, pleated linen and developed Freya's Sun Shield — a melding of lived experience, innovative design, and inspired by the indomitable spirit of the Vikings. We battle tested our tunics, tabards, hoods, Viking Thneeds, and hooded cloaks for two weeks and avoided getting any sunburns while keeping cooler than we would have with any other clothing. Making sure to wear our Freya's Sun Shield whenever we might be exposed to the sun, we were more comfortable than we had ever been while being in conditions that were more hot than what was comfortable.

In the battle against the sun's fierce rays, these garments are not only your armor but also your ally. Intricately fashioned from pleated linen, their design actively dissipates heat, pulling it away from the skin and providing a sanctuary of cool amidst the summer's blaze. These pieces pay homage to the rugged aesthetics of Viking travelers while catering to the practical demands of contemporary outdoor events.

Our collection is crafted with a singular purpose: to harmonize ancient aesthetics with contemporary comfort needs. Each piece is a testament to the ingenious ways our ancestors adapted to their surroundings. 

Drawing inspiration from the burnoose—a garment traditionally worn by people in scorching climates whom the Vikings might have encountered—our Sun Shield Full Cloak is a reimagination of a potential Norse adaptation to extreme heat. Beyond this, our tunics and other offerings are designed with the same vision in mind: how might the Vikings, upon witnessing the wisdom of desert dwellers, have woven those learnings into their own attire? 

With Freya's Sun Shield Linens, we offer more than just historical fantasy; we provide a tangible solution to the modern challenge of staying cool and protected under the relentless summer sun.

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